About Me:
I love animals! I grew up on a ranch and have had and can care for MANY types of animals including horses. I also care for birds, snakes, reptiles, rabbits, hamster’s, guinea pigs, ferrets, chickens, pigs, and fish.

​​I know and value how important animals are in our lives and treat all animals with compassion and respect.

​​ I have been a cat and dog socializer for the Humane Society for over 8 years.
 I am trained in emergency services and CPR certified.

​​References available.

I am reliable, trustworthy, and honest.
North Park Pet Sitting Services
Also available for South Park, Normal/University Heights, Hillcrest and Kensington area's.

Rates and Services
Dog Walker
$15 ½ hour
$25 full hour
(includes feeding/water and/or Morley Field dog park Frisbee, catch, or running your choice)
OB Dog Beach field trips for $30 plus mileage
I can dog sit in your home or take one small dog at my place the dog must get along with a cat.

Cat sitting
$25 a day for food, water , litter clean up, and playtime with lasers n stuff (1-hour min).
$15 ½ hour drop in playtime

If you are planning a vacation my overnight rates are based on length of vacation and negotiable

One AM / One PM visit to your home, includes walking and feeding= $25

Overnight Stay in your home with your pet= $65
Both include the following care and love for your pet and home:
Feeding/ Fresh water each visit
Long walks
Cleaning up your yard and litterboxes
Put trash cans out on trash day
Cage cleaning
Administer Medications
Tons of Love and Attention for your pets
Bringing in Mail
Water your plants
Making your house look like someone is home
Security and Peace of Mind that you pets and home are safe

Our pets are our children.
D​on't your kids deserve the best?
Call today for a meet and greet!
(408) 930-0213​​